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Transitional Housing

iHope provides transitIonal/subsidized housing to individuals, helping them become self sufficient. This program includes:

  • Incremental Rent Responsibility

  • Wellness Checks

  • Budget Development

  • Goal Setting


Case Managment

iHOPE case managers are providing referrals and support to individuals and families who are nearing homelessness.

  • On-going Case Management

  • Emergency Financial Assistance

  • Assistance Applying for Mainstream Benefits

  • Shelter & Sober Living Referrals

  • Referrals for Medical, Behavioral Health and Dental Services

Reunification Program

Bringing families back together is an important part of the iHOPE mission.  iHOPE works with homeless individuals and families who are struggling in Orange County but have a supportive family unit "back home" that will help them get back on their feet. In partnership with Greyhound, iHOPE reconnects loved ones who have lost their way.


Did you know that $65 provides a monthly bus pass for work transportation?

Case Management

Wed 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Fri 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Appointments as needed


Contact iHOPE


(949) 388-3633

(949) 201-6383

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