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About iHOPE


iHOPE is a pathway to success for the homeless individuals and families in need of emergency and long-term resources in South Orange County.


iHOPE provides the homeless in South Orange County with the services necessary to create self-sufficiency, the resources which will allow individuals to reconnect with their families and the compassion for those who continue to live in our community without the means to care for themselves.  iHOPE is able to accomplish this through an established network of community partners and an extensive interfaith group of churches and organizations that support our mission.


Integrity, Compassion, Community, Results Driven, Innovative


There are a number of items that can change the lives of people living in our community:


  • $750 provides a homeless family a week in a motel


  • $125 pays for one night in a hotel

  • $100 buys 4 gas cards

  • $65 provides a monthly bus pass for work transportation

  • $50 buys socks and underwear for our outreach program

  • $25 helps pay for phone services

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